LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Residents in the Heights community are getting more and more frustrated as their neighborhood continues to be plagued by vehicle break-ins. Now, they are asking for police to increase patrols and for neighbors to band together.

Ben Bailey told us his car was broken into sometime last week. Even though the suspected thieves didn't take anything, they did leave behind a flashlight on one of his seats.

"I kind of feel like there's a powder keg building," Bailey said.

Several days later, his wife's car was then broken into, but nothing of value was taken. In both cases, no windows were broken on either car.

"There's two different options," said Lieutenant Steve McClanahan. "You can lock your car and that may deter some, but a lot of people are leaving their cars unlocked, taking all the valuables out. That way you're not left with a broken window."

Little Rock police confirm that there has been a recent spike in car break-ins in the city.

"What we've seen in Little Rock is that half the cars that are broken into in Little Rock are left unlocked and criminals know that," McClanahan said.

Bailey hopes to see more patrol cars in the area, but it may come down to neighbors looking after each other.

LRPD urges you to file a police report any time your car is broken into, that way they can have a record of where they need to increase patrols if needed.