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The Hispanic Cultural Center of Midland is teaching kids about their history through the art of dance

The Hispanic Cultural Center of Midland is celebrating 25 years. The center teaches kids ages 5-18 their history and heritage through different cultural dances.

MIDLAND, Texas — The Hispanic Cultural Center of Midland is celebrating their anniversary. 

"This year which was in May, was our 25th anniversary. We’re celebrating 25 years," says Charlene McBride. 

The center has been teaching children for decades, a milestone that McBride is happy to be apart of. 

"I taught for six years...because I was a professional dancer until the age of 21," she says, "when the kids start dancing it’s like oh my feet start going right away with it."

At the age of five, kids learn traditional dances like, Ballet Folklorico, while in traditional attire. 

"I think the majority of our students have a taste of their culture but they don’t realize it,"

Which is why McBride explains how important it is for these kids to learn about their culture at an early age. 

"They let them know you know how to take care of the costumes. what they can and cannot do with it, but also the history behind the costume itself, she says. 

Dancers at HCCM also have the chance to travel. 

We are all over the place," says McBride, "so we did performances in Andrews, in Odessa, in Big Springs, we’ve gone as far as Artesia, New Mexico." 

Performances that really make her proud. 

"They're rose buds but then as soon as they start dancing and you start seeing them get more confident in their dancing. It’s a full blown, bloomed rose. I mean it’s so beautiful to see them grow up and to see them just venture into it," she says.  

In the end, making her so happy she's able to share her love of dance for maybe another 25 years. 

"I mean it’s unbelievable to see your kiddos. You actually sometimes, you just sit there and you cry, tears just roll down your eyes," says McBride. 

The registration deadline is August 13th. You can register at hccmidland.org