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Hispanic grocery store in Benton set to open its doors in May

The city of Benton continues to grow and soon a Hispanic grocery store will be opening its doors to the community— and it'll have everything you could think of.

BENTON, Ark. — When you drive along I-30 you see many businesses, and one that many would frequent often was Browns Country Market and Restaurant.

They closed their doors a few years ago, and now their location is home to a new business called La Alianza— which is a Hispanic grocery store that has a meat market, bakery, as well as an abundance of foods and even candies. 

"There's no Hispanic grocery stores in this area so we wanted to bring one to the community of Benton," said Owner Ignacio Alvarez. 

Alvarez and his two friends decided a grocery store was needed in Benton.

The business’s name, "la alianza"  translates to "the alliance" in English, and they explained that the name of the business was inspired by the three coming together to do this. 

"We're helping each other and walking hand in hand," said Alvarez.

While the store hasn't been completed just yet, it will have everything you can think of including a barbershop.  Alvarez said that their goal is to have something for everyone. 

"Items from Central America, South America, everywhere," Alvarez added. "When people walk into this store we want them to feel like they're at home." 

Alvarez explained that the location they picked was the perfect one for their store. 

"Some said it was too far, but I said I visualize this restaurant as a Hispanic grocery store and I said this place needs to be a Hispanic grocery store," he said. 

The grocery store isn't Alvarez's only business— he also owns a Mexican restaurant, and when he looks back at his journey to get here, he's proud to say he achieved the "American Dream."

"I came here to the United States when I was 18 years old to work like many do," said Alvarez. "I worked and worked, but I never imagined having everything I do today." 

He wants to remind those who look like him and speak like him, that they too can succeed. 

"I am proud to be Hispanic and tell other Hispanics that you can do this too," said Alvarez. 

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