LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Chris H. Olsen) - There are good reasons to grow different tomato cultivars in your garden. Variations among the species usually have different resistances to diseases and environmental factors. Therefore if one kind of variety of tomato is susceptible to a disease, hopefully the others won't be.

If you have not planted your tomatoes yet and cannot find certain varieties that your friends have in their garden and you think you will have to wait until next year, well you don't. Ask your friend for a sucker from their plant.

It is actually easy to root tomato suckers. Just pinch off a strong sucker and then dip in root hormone powder and plant is a pot with clean fresh potting soil. Keep moist with plenty of light and before you know it, you will have one fast growing plant.

It's never too late.

(Source: Chris H. Olsen)