HUMNOKE, Ark. (KTHV)-- The rain might be over, but in Humnoke the flooding isn’t. There are many problem areas that still need to be fixed to get back to normal.

Crawford Road in Humnoke has been washed out twice in the past month due to heavy flooding. It isn't a major intersection, but there are people who live on the other side.

According to Amanda Bowlan, who lives on Crawford Road, it’s a reoccurring problem.

“It's time for us to have some relief from this," she said. "We're boating in and out every time we have to leave, every time it rains heavily we have an overflow over the road and it washes it out constantly.”

Bowlan said it needs to be fixed and not just temporarily.

“With the proper culverts put in or railroad tankers or whatever they choose I just need it fixed so it'll quit washing out every time it floods up,” she said.

If it's not fixed in the next couple of days, she said her family won't even be able to get across in their boat.

“The boating that we're doing is about to come to a halt because of the mud the boat motor is having to dig through. The water is not deep enough at this point,” Bowlan said.

Lonoke County said they’re trying to do something to solve the problem. Instead of replacing the five foot culverts they'll be putting in a railroad tanker car that's about 10 feet wide.

Lonoke County Judge Doug Erwin said he hopes the train cars are a permanent fix.

“It's been challenging to figure out what's the best solution to help these people out. The railroad cars make good culverts and carry a lot of capacity,” he said.

He said they'll put in the car as soon as it's safe to do so.

“We're working diligently to get this resolved. It's hard to put any kind of pipe in swift moving water,” he said.

Lonoke County said if the railroad tanker cars don't work the next step could be possibly looking into adding a bridge where the water continues to wash out the culverts.