JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) – Law enforcement agencies across the state and country report that crime often increases during the summer. 11 Listens took a closer look to see if that's the case in Jacksonville.

One viewer noticed more activity in the community and felt nervous about the crime happening in Jacksonville. They asked, if there's been a documented rise in crime lately.

The Jacksonville Police Department and learned that while the crime rate is about average right now, the department has increased its social media presence.


“In the last few weeks, we've used it more and more,” said Lt. Brett Hibbs. “We plan to use it more in the future, and we’re looking at some things to put even more information out there and be as open as we can.”

The department sent us crime stats for the year so far.

There have been three homicides in Jacksonville compared to zero at this point last year, but overall violent crimes are slightly down through the first five months.

“It will look like crime is going up,” said Lt. Hibbs, “but we're just being more open.”