JACKSONVILLE, Ark. — The city of Jacksonville could soon be getting its own bus system. Jacksonville Mayor Bob Johnson sad the transportation system is still in early stages of planning but once it’s in place it will give more opportunities to the people who already live here.

“Specially your elderly people and your people that don’t have money to afford a car, it’s going to make life easier for them,” said Mayor Bob Johnson. “It’s going to allow them to go places they haven’t been able to go and go more often. I think it’s going to help their outlook on life

Currently, people in Jacksonville have to rely on Rock Region Metro for public transportation but Mayor Johnson said, that’s not enough.

“What we have is with Rock Region,” said Mayor Johnson. “They send one bus out here about 6 in the morning and it comes back 6 in the evening.”

That’s why he’s proposing an inner-city bus system.

“It goes around Jacksonville and takes people to the grocery store or to the doctor’s office, the pharmacist, and about three times a day we will go to McCain mall,” said Mayor Johnson.

The proposed bus system will have to be approved by city council, but Mayor Johnson said he anticipates that process to go smoothly.

“Due to the fact that we will be spending less money and serving our citizens better, I think all 11 of us will be in favor of that,” said Mayor Johnson.

He said, the proposed system won’t put a huge dent in the city’s budget.

“We’re applying for grants, and we’re going to use smaller buses, like church sized buses, about 30 people and handicapped accessible,” said Johnson.

Mayor Johnson hopes to have that bus system running by January 1, 2020.