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Arkansas man now behind bars with help of K-9 investigator

An Arkansas K-9 investigator has now helped sentence a man to 50 years behind bars after pleading guilty to several counts of possession of child sex abuse material.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A North Little Rock man is now in prison serving 50 years for possession of child sex abuse materials, and the arrest was made possible thanks to special investigator K-9 Lucy.

With help from the four-legged investigator in Attorney General Tim Griffin's office of Special Investigations and Special Prosecutions divisions, a 44-year-old man has been put behind bars. 

"This was a real team effort. We have investigators here, including Lucy, the canine who can sniff out hard drives and electronics, " Attorney General Tim Griffin explained.

That sniffing is actually what led to Robert Lahn's arrest. 

According to the Attorney General's office, Lahn pleaded guilty to 30 counts of possession of child sex abuse material. 

"In this particular case, we didn't even have to go to trial, the defendant pled guilty and got 50 years. So it's just it's great all the way around. We're taking this criminal who would harm our children or grandchildren off of the streets, and he's going to be locked up for a long, long time," Attorney General Tim Griffin described.

Griffin said this is an example of the good partnership he has with the Prosecuting Attorney's office. 

"We did some of the initial investigations, arrested the individual, and the prosecution in this particular case, was handled by prosecuting attorney Will Jones's office. So just great teamwork," he added.

Griffin also explained how Lucy is one of the hundred dogs in the world that are trained to sniff electronics.

"I can say she's a go-to on these sorts of when we're dealing with these sorts of crimes. This is just standard. This is what she does and all she wants is a dog treat," he said.

The Special Investigations Division agents executed a search warrant for Lahn's North Little Rock home on March 28th and arrested him on April 5th.


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