LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — After Little Rock Schools were canceled Tuesday morning, kids wasted no time heading for the highest nearby hill for prime sledding.

We visited the Clinton Center as the kids began taking over, taking on the snow at top speeds.

Snow angels, snow boards and sledding. Oh my.

"Here's my snow angel,” 7-year-old Hayley Mathews showed us. "I've been sledding on this big hill because it's fun."

On a snow day, there's no better place to find kids than the Clinton Library.

"It's different because in the summer and spring it's like 101 degrees. And in the winter it gets down to like 10 degrees,” nine-year-old John Carter Tafner told THV11. Sledding downtown is a tradition for him and his parents.

"I grew up in Pennsylvania. You don't get snow down here much often. Some of the fondest memories of Pennslyvania are being out with friends, my brothers, doing just this; going down the hills, so it's fun to share that with him.” JC’s dad Chris said.

For Hayley, it's all about the thrill.

"Long and fast. This one's my favorite hill because it has two hills in one,” she said.

"So it's kind of like you get to bounce and then go again,” Winnie Wright asked her.

"Yea,” she said.

A lot of families brought their four-legged friends along. Proof that snow days aren't just for the kids.