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Lawyers representing teen killed by Arkansas deputy plan to file wrongful death lawsuit

After 17-year-old Hunter Brittain's family laid him to rest, their team of lawyers now move forward to seek justice.

LONOKE COUNTY, Ark. — After 17-year-old Hunter Brittain's family laid him to rest Tuesday their team of lawyers now move forward to seek justice.

They believe he was wrongfully killed after learning Hunter was unarmed.

The teen was shot and killed by a Lonoke County deputy two weeks ago Wednesday.

"When we talk about George Floyd's life mattered, when we say Breonna Taylor's life mattered, we also have to say Hunter Brittain's life mattered,” said Ben Crump, the family’s attorney.

Attorney Ben Crump has worked his way into the national Black Lives Matter Movement.

He's represented families like George Floyd's who's lost a loved one to police brutality, but he now finds himself in small-town Arkansas where he says the problem goes beyond skin color.

"We all want our children to make it home and not be killed by the very people who are supposed to protect and serve them,” said Crump.

Crump expects a swift investigation, if not he and his team will look to the Department of Justice to open its own investigation.

He plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit but said without former deputy Michael Davis' bodycam footage that he failed to activate during the shooting, that will bring up critical issues.

"Not only did he not follow that policy, what other policies did he not follow? We believe it's going to be the crux of the matter that it’s shameful that he did not turn on his body camera video,” said Crump.

Though the facts haven't been revealed, Hunter's family believes the teen was murdered after hearing the gruesome details from his friend who saw it all.

“These boys that know the story, they aren't lying to me,” said Jesse Brittain, Hunter’s uncle.

"The facts are going to tell us what happened, and he should be charged to the greatest extent of the law because justice will warrant it,” said Crump.

While in Arkansas, Crump seeks answers for the Brittain family, he's also urging Congress to do more.

He's pushing for the George Floyd Justice and Policing act to pass.

It's a police reform bill that if ever passed would combat excessive force by police.


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