SHERWOOD, Ark.(KTHV) - There's a small-scale charity movement catching on in Sherwood. It started with one small cabinet in a parking lot and now the Little Free Pantry is expanding its reach.

These small pantries stocked with free food have recently added personal care items like toothbrushes and soap for people in need. The boxes are found near churches and outside businesses.

The pantry is a mini-food pantry run entirely on the honor system.

In Sherwood, it has become a place for citizens there to give back and a source of help for others.

"It serves as a great entity for the community for those that really have a need," said Michael Walker, who lives across the street from one of the pantries. "They pull up and they pull in and they get what they need."

He said that sense of anonymity is something you won't find at traditional food pantries with a lot of visitors stopping by when it's dark.

"12 o'clock, 1 o'clock, I see them pulling in and they get things out and then they leave. Then, I see those who come and replenish, donate, so it keeps it recycling," Walker said.

Tiffany Stewart started the Little Free Pantry at the end of last year. Word spread quickly on social media and donations from the community started pouring in.

The Little Free Pantry quickly went from one location to three. Now, a fourth one is in the works.

"You never know who's going to be in need and to make someone else happy is always that person that's helping someone else."