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Family learning to cope after fire destroys their Little Rock home of 17 years

The two youngest daughters, both home at the time, noticed the flames and were able to run to their neighbor's house before the fire got out of control.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — A family of five is without their home after a fire destroyed it a week ago. They've been staying in a hotel, trying to figure out how to move forward. They're focused on the future and how you can help.

The Lott family has been living inside their home for the last 17 years. That's a lot of memories to make for a family of 5 and now they're back, trying to salvage what they can. Picking up the pieces of what's left.

"This is my house. It's gone. I cannot believe this," Alicea Lott said in a video she captured of her home on fire. 

She said she and her husband were met with the flames a week ago. They had just left the home to go grab dinner for their two youngest daughters, 12-year-old Brooklyn and 7-year-old Asiah, who were in the home. 

"The neighbors contacted us on the way to get the food, but from what my daughters said, the Christmas tree was blazed and they ran out of the house and went to the neighbors house as well to call me," said Lott.

Outside the home today, there's a sign declaring it unsafe and to keep out, but it's hard to stay away from a place you once called home. 

"Right here, this is my dress. Just my dress. Ruined! Ew! My dress. I just feel like it just catched on fire which it caused 90 damage, but now it went up to 100," said 7-year-old Asiah, as she dug through the rubble of her her old bedroom.

She and her big sister, Asia, stopped by to see if they could find anything salvable.

"So many memories. Got sent out off to prom over here. It's just so much that's gone now," said Asia Stewart, the oldest daughter of the Lott family.

Even though the home is mostly full of charred rubble and debris, they were luckily able to recover old family photographs. 

With neighbors, friends and family willing to help them start over, they're just happy the two youngest girls are safe.

"That was the main thing. We can come back from material things, but as long as everybody is safe," said Stewart. 

The family does have a GoFundMe set up if anyone would like to make a donation. 


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