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Little Rock man loses home to tornado, then loses second home to fire

Imagine losing two homes in 64 days—that’s one Little Rock man’s reality after his home was destroyed by the tornado in March, then by fire.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Felipe Baca was living off of Reservoir Road in Little Rock when his apartment was hit by the tornado in March, causing a tree to fall on his apartment and into his bedroom.

Although he found a new place to stay, it wasn't for very long.

On June 3, less than two months later, Baca's new living space, a duplex off Markham Street near UAMS, was set on fire.

"Perhaps it's just I am in a vulnerable, raw place after the tornado, but with that storm affecting everyone, I felt we were all going to make it through," Baca said. "With this, I felt out on a limb by my lonesome for a minute there."

Felipe was at work when he got the call about his home being engulfed by flames.

The fire damaged the front of his house the most. All his belongings, replaced because of the tornado, were destroyed by the fire.

But Baca is choosing to see the good in a difficult situation.

"I am clearly blessed and looked out for because two terrible things have happened, and I wasn't home for either one," Baca said.

A GoFundMe was posted to help with Baca's misfortune, generating more than $2,000 in 48 hours.

Baca hopes to use that kindness to help him afford a new place to stay and replace some of his things.

"If you're having a great day," Baca said. "Try to share that with someone else because the person standing next to you might be smiling through tears."

Police have arrested someone in connection to the fire. We're still working to confirm the details of the arrest.


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