LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Officer Involved, a documentary that's touring police units throughout the United States and now making a stop in Little Rock. Detective Tommy Hudson is hoping this documentary prepares younger officers to know what's coming if it happens.

This film is preparing officers and their families with the insight into the aftermath of an officer involved shooting.

“This gives officers the opportunity to get first hand knowledge from officers across the United States what they went through in their particular shooting,” Hudson said.

Hudson himself has been in three officer involved shootings. He said it's a full blown life or death fight he won't ever forget.

“I had to shoot the guy that was attacking me multiple times to get him to stop attacking me,” he said. “You remember it, you dream about it, and it never goes away.”

Shootings is an experience not every officer goes through but Sgt. Theadus McRae said officer involved shootings affect them all.

“Whatever emotions and feelings that they're experiencing you feel it as well," said McRae. "We feel it as a watch, as a unit, as a division, and as an entire department.”

The situation sticks in the back of their minds no matter how much times passes. They said that memories of events can have an everlasting affect on how they approach every situation on the streets.

The filmmakers aren’t sure when they will release this documentary to the public but we'll keep you updated with the date.