It may be the season of giving and a time to give thanks, but that's clearly not across the board. Instead of giving to the kids on the south end of Little Rock, some bold burglars broke into the Thrasher Boys and Girls Club, all for some jerseys and a Amazon Fire TV Stick.

"It's very disheartening. This is a very special time of year. This is a special time of year for the kids in this club. They depend on this club,” said Boys and Girls Club of Central Arkansas CEO, Cindy Doramus.

What's probably the strangest thing of this whole ordeal, is according to the police report, the suspects likely got in through the roof.

"I have no idea how they got through there," Doramus said. "It's chained, it's locked, but somehow they got through there. So they came down, and they go all through our ball closet, our equipment closet."

The damage the crooks did to the location probably amounts to more than the items they took.

"I believe they even took the hinges off this door. So then, as soon as they got through there, they came over to this door. These are just offices, and they took the hinges off the door, they busted this out,” Doramus said, showing the extent of the damage done.

Officer Steve Moore said that police suspect the robbers have probably visited the location before.

"They knew where to go and what to look for," Moore said. "Once they got in, they knew they'd have, who knows how much time.”

As sad it is, police suggest that it's that time of year. The department expects more and more break-ins as the holidays approach.

"[Crooks] work harder at breaking into things sometimes than actually working,” Moore said of the effort taken by the burglars.

While the items can be replaced and the doors can be fixed, nothing can replace their sense of security.

"It's a special place, it's been here a long long time. We've had some great people grow up in this club and this club is here because and for the children,” Doramus said.

Little Rock police have offered additional patrols to the Boys and Girls Club.

That's also an offer they extend to the public, especially during the holidays.

All you have to do is call the Little Rock Police Department.