Somewhere between the traditional Thanksgiving spread and going out for a non-traditional meal is a growing trend: Catered holiday meals.

Families are still getting everybody together at home without all of the work in the kitchen.

“It's looking like it's going to be our biggest year, and every year it's just gotten better and better,” said Sonia Schaeffer, a baker at Boulevard Bread Company. “We have a French cut turkey breast, which is like a huge turkey. Gravy. Roasted vegetables and just kind of the whole thing for people who don't want to fool with it.”

Boulevard has done the meal for years, with more and more people just looking to stop fooling around with the dinner prep.

Others want to just take some of the load off and turn to places like Trio's Restaurant, where they specialize in catered sides and desserts.

"They don't want something fancy is what we've noticed,” said Stephani Caruthers, owner of the Little Rock restaurant. “The trend is people are getting more traditional items, and we structure our menu to offer a little bit of both.”

At South on Main in downtown Little Rock, they are focused on the main course.

“This year we've sold out of all the turkeys that we buy,” said Matthew Bell, owner and chef of South on Main. “In past years, we'd keep one or two back and run specials in the next week or two, but this year it seems like the trend is, ‘I'll do my own stuff and but somebody else needs to do the turkey.’”

It’s too late to order one of these catered meals, but Trio’s tends to over-bake, so an extra pie might be had Wednesday, if employees don’t gobble them up first.