LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - People around the globe are tipping their hats to women as we celebrate International Women's Day.

Press for Progress is this year's theme.

A Little Rock business owner is doing just that by encouraging others to create their own paths.

Women Doing Cool Sh*t is a social movement Erin Hohnbaum created to inspire women of all ages to be the best version of themselves.

She's "pressing for progress" every time she shares a new post.

“International Women's Day is so important to recognize because we've come so far as women and we still have further to go,” said Hohnbaum.

Gender inclusiveness has never been more important.

“The possibilities are endless”, she added.

Now, more than ever, women everywhere are creating the life of their dreams their own way.

"I feel like a lot of the women we look up to followed a similar path, but there are so many different paths out there for women now days,” Hohnbaum said.

She’s the Founder and Owner of E.Leigh's Boutiques, a popular contemporary clothing store. Operating her own business for seven years has allowed Hohnbaum to cross paths with many young women.

“There are so many fascinating women doing really cool things and there needs to be a place where we can showcase that,” she said.

Hohnbaum created an Instagram account for Women Doing Cool Sh*t where she encourages younger generations.

“I hope that it inspires and empowers, that it becomes a place of happiness, joy and inspiration for not just women in Central Arkansas but all over,” said Hohnbaum.

The long term goal is to turn the account into a blog and podcast where she and a team will interview trailblazing women with one of a kind stories.

"I really see firsthand how different environments really create and form young people's personalities and their belief system,” she added.

Hohnbaum is also on the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arkansas.

E.Leigh’s has six boutique locations spanning three states. Arkansas, Texas and Kentucky.