LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Millions of people across the country have already been affected by the government shut down, including right here in Arkansas.

It was a common sight at the Clinton Library Saturday, Jan. 20, as visitors were turned away at the front door.

"It's really weird. You just don't expect the government to shut down like this,” Suzannah Schreckhise said.

The library closed its doors due to the government shutdown. It will remain closed until Congress can agree on a budget.

"We didn't think it was going to be closed because we thought it was privately held,” Harris Gloss said.

"I never dreamed it would be affecting the Clinton Library. I just assumed it was the Clinton funds but we learned when we walked over there that it's federally funded,” Schreckhise said.

People like Schreckhise traveled just to see the library.

"A few weeks ago we went to go see the George W. Bush Library Museum in Dallas, TX., so we were really looking forward to seeing the Clinton Library as well,” Kimberly Gloss said.

Not every government-run building shut down, however.

The Clinton National Airport released a statement saying all services will continue as TSA officers, air traffic controllers and customs agents will continue working.

Work on the airport’s $2.7 million east runway lighting and paving upgrades will continue during the shutdown. The Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission will pay contractors while FAA grant funding is unavailable.

Despite many people traveling from all over to check out the Clinton Library, most are hoping the shutdown will come to an end soon.

"I mean, I know the government shut down has more implications but we're everyday tax payers and so we're paying our money and not getting what we pay for basically,” Gloss said.

The visitors center at Hot Springs National Park also closed Saturday, but all of the roads and walkways in the park remained open.

Hot Springs tourism officials sent out a note reminding everyone that plenty of other attractions remain open in the city including the bathhouses, the racetrack and restaurants.