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City of Little Rock employees to be paid at least $15 per hour

The Little Rock city board approved paying full-time employees at least $15 per hour and a raise for those already making that amount.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — (Eds. note: The video attached is about the recent news of Topgolf coming to Little Rock.)

The City of Little Rock announced Wednesday that it has adopted a $15 per hour minimum wage for full-time city employees.

In a press release, the city said the move was made to "ensure that all employees of the City of Little Rock earn a living wage."

"The people we have are doing an incredible job and they're going above and beyond, but we're just barely making it right now," said JP Rogers, Little Rock's Park Maintenance Manager.

He said the Parks and Rec Department is down 40% for staff, but after last night's vote the city hopes things will change.

"It's extremely exciting to show our appreciation to our most financially vulnerable," said Mayor Frank Scott Jr.

The City of Little Rock will now have one of the most competitive minimum wages for a public sector. 

Little Rock will now have a minimum wage of $15, which is four more dollars than Arkansas' which stands at $11

And that's double the federal minimum wage at $7.25.

The ordinance was passed with an emergency clause meaning it will take immediate effect. A hundred Little Rock employees will see their wages go up directly, but this could impact hundreds more.

"Those who have been at $15 or a little bit more will see a bump up," said Mayor Scott.

Those funds will come out of the city's budget with some adjustments made.

These pay hikes will cost $300,000. The city will use $120,000 from the general fund, $130,000 from the street fund, $48,000 from waste disposal, and the last $2,000 will come from elsewhere.

According to the city, the department's most impacted are public works, parks and recreation, and the Little Rock Zoo.

Nearly $300,000 will be set aside for additional salary and benefits.


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