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Little Rock police 'all hands on deck' as drag racing causes problems

Police are increasingly seeing more drag racing in Little Rock. It was once only in certain parts of the city, but now, it's everywhere.

In the City of Little Rock meeting on Tuesday, Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey addressed the issue of drag racing and caravanning across the city.

He said they are heavily organized groups that can be dangerous to the community.

Little Rock Police Media Specialist Mark Edwards pointing out it's become a problem nationwide.

"200 to 300 people... They come in and they invade an area. They outnumber police officers," said Edwards. 

"They are in muscle cars, hellcats, all these soup'd up vehicles. It's a national issue and we've all got to figure out a way to keep it from being as big as it is," said Edwards.

"You know, we keep hearing, 'well it's happening all over the nation.' The board of directors, we don't care that it's happening all over the nation. We care what's happening in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the safety and security of our citizens," said Little Rock Vice Mayor Lance Hines.

When asked how the department is deterring it, THV11 was told they could not give out that information.

"I'm not at liberty to say what it is we have planned for it, but I will tell you we have all hands on deck and everybody that's a sworn officer will have some part in it," said Edwards.

Hines has other ideas, including asking Arkansas State Police to help cut down on highway racing.

"Small things are reaching out to these private property owners to help them find ways to secure their parking lots... put speed bumps in their parking lots," said Hines.

Hines also said by city statute, if a property owner is not willing to take care of a nuisance problem that they are allowing to happen on their lot then it can become a criminal nuisance. 

The property owner could then be subjected to a criminal abatement program.

If you see drag racing or caravanning, LRPD asks you immediately call 911 and report it. You can also report previous incidents to their non-emergency number.