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Why it's important to shop small for the holidays in Little Rock

Many people shop for gifts at retail giants, but Little Rock businesses say there's still a rush.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Christmas shopping season is in full swing and Central Arkansas business owners hope you'll continue to shop small.

Customers were in and out of Moxy Mercantile, a Little Rock antique-thrift business in the SOMA neighborhood, all day.

“In the month of December we’re pretty hoppin’ daily. Moxy’s is sort of a go-to place for a lot of your Christmas needs,” an owner Jon Estelita said.

It's all part of the holiday rush.

This year's influx of shoppers came a little later.

“Business has been good so far. It’s been very brisk there was a late start, I think everyone kind of had Christmas sneak up on them this year,” Estelita said.

Estelita said it could be because of the cooler weather.

“The change in the weather happened slower this year, it was warmer longer. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas until it gets cold,” Estelita said.

But, the number of shoppers has been consistent.

“It’s about the same as it was last year. Since we’ve been here six years, a lot of people are still discovering us. So we have our repeat customers and new customers alike coming in daily,” Estelita said.

E. Leigh’s in Hillcrest is also prepared for a weekend rush.

“Towards the beginning of December, you know, everyone is kind of shopped out. As Christmas nears, it’s almost kind of like a downhill sprint. Everyone comes in here and it’s a frenzy,” General Manager Reymond Koplen said.

They've been helping lots of people shop for gifts.

"We see lots of moms, and grandmas, and even grandpas, and dads, and husbands come in. Boyfriends come in and shop for their loved ones," Koplen said.

The area businesses said a rush is a good thing for everyone.

"Unlike when you shop online or with a national retailer, when you shop small you're actually putting money and revenue back into your local economies," Koplen said.

"All of your tax dollars go to support local businesses and local schools, police departments and things like that,” Estelita said.

Business owners said if you're still shopping in this last home stretch before Christmas, be sure to keep them in mind.