LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- The Little Rock for Life plan announced by Mayor Mark Stodola includes a proposal to fix broken street lights in the city.

City service manager, Jameson Dehner, said the people of Little Rock took action.

“People noticed and started calling 311 to get the streets lights repaired and we probably went from 140 requests for repairs a month to 200,” he said.

If you see a street light out you can email it in to the city or use the city’s 311 app which gets directly transferred to Entergy. Kerri Case, spokesperson for Entergy Arkansas, said there are crews strictly devoted to the lights in the city.

“There is someone who drives those thoroughfares every evening to make sure lights are on and there's a route that they run,” she said.

However, she said the crews can't see all the lights.

“When you get into the side streets and back into the neighborhoods then those lights we have to depend on customers calling us and letting us know that those lights have burned out,” she said.

Carla Lasseter agreed it's her responsibility as a community member to help out.

“I can tell when I go to bed if the light is out or if it's on and when it's on I feel very protected,” she said.

She said she feels safer when the street lights in her neighborhood are all working.

“If the lights are out and it's dark in the neighborhood it probably would attract people to check in cars and maybe even break in, because we have had break-ins,” she said.

The city said people need to be aware that alley lights are on homeowners or business owners bills and it will cost a fee for Entergy to come out and fix them, it’s not the city’s responsibility.