LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) --What happens when you combine good old fashioned southern storytelling, artisans from all over Arkansas and the south and an algorithm that produces an overnight on line marketing success story? You get the star of tonight’s THV11’s ‘Made in Arkansas’ segment, Bourbon and Boots.

Rod Ford loves showing off the things you can get off the website Bourbon and Boots.

“State pride is a real big thing, so we have a whole collection of state pride stuff.”

Every bit of the big warehouse in the heart of Argenta has one aim in mind.

Ford explained that the name, Bourbon and Boots, could confuse some at first.

“People ask all the time, ‘Do you sell bourbon? Do you sell boots?’ and the answer to both is no.”

But what they do sell is one of a kind items made by artisans from across the south, and some from foreign countries.

“This is a bourbon barrel stave. You can see that it's been charred. Starts out as virgin oak.”

Arkansans take that reclaimed wood and make pens, one of the best-selling items. And it’s Arkansans who are constantly online, marketing the products Bourbon and Boots manufactures and finds.

You would think with merchandise like this, the business would have only a regional appeal. Guess again.

“Los Angeles is a huge market. New York’s a huge market…the interest in southern lifestyle is international.”

Recently added to the Bourbon and Boots inventory: southern story tellers.

Kristyn, whose music and stories were performed in front of a live audience near Bigelow, is now featured on the Bourbon and Boots website. They are now the primary presenter of Tales from the South.

“The whole purpose of that is to create that emotive connection back to the southern lifestyle experience and then we do some very light product placement…and is there anything more southern than storytelling?”

From Kentucky to Texas, it captures the spirit of the south.

They're just now completing the first year with this artisan made, storytelling online marketing venture. It is projected their sales in this first year will be over $12 million Now, how’s that for Arkansas Made?!

You can check out their website by clicking here or visit their Facebook page here.