DES ARC, Ark. (KTHV) -- The town of Des Arc has been in the news lately after heavy rains caused damaging flooding. But there's another claim to fame there that many Arkansans may not know about.

THV11’s Raven Richard got a first-hand look at a candle factory in Des Arc that ships all across the nation and around the world.

“When these candles leave here out of small town Arkansas, they go all over the world,” said Des Arc native and owner Paul Guess.

Producing a minimum of 2,000 candles a day, this candle factory is making a big impact. With just 25 employees on the regular, and 40 during the busy season, they're the largest employer in the county besides the school district. But of all places, Why Des Arc?

“I wanted to give back to my community and employ people in my hometown,” said Guess.

Guess says he has lived all over the country, but after all that, he's bringing things back home.

Lux candles being made, THV11
Lux candles being made, THV11

He bought the Lux Candle Company in Texas and moved it to Arkansas. But even more unique than this, some of the workers have their own stories.

“I had a child and I was out of work and I heard about the company from a friend. I put in an application. About three or four days later I got a call and I've been working here ever since,” said employee Tangelia Loving.

Loving, who has worked at the company for about seven months, inspects candles before they're shipped all across the United States, even Central America and the U.K. She's not alone.

“My dad works here, my auntie works here, my high school teacher works here, a couple of friends around town work here. It's a neighborhood community thing. We're all like family here.”

Lux just expanded, now being able to pour nearly 5,000 candles a day. The wicks are handmade and hand poured. Also the designs, piece by piece put on by hand too.

“We're in the Delta, so there's not a lot of manufacturing jobs here,” said Guess.

So opportunities like this are rare in Des Arc.

“We're not going anywhere. Our home is Des Arc. We plan to stay here until the very end.”

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