LEWISVILLE, N.C. -- Nearly 26 years after a Winston-Salem police officer was killed in the line of duty, the man convicted in his murder is up for parole.

Lieutenant Aaron Tise Junior died June 26, 1992 when a man driving a stolen road grader intentionally crushed his Winston-Salem police vehicle, and him.

"It was just so bad," his wife, Tanya Tise remembers. "We never, whatever they say, 'found closure.' We didn't get to see him or say goodbye or anything."

Conrad Crews, the driver of the stolen grader, pleaded guilty and was convicted of second-degree murder in 1993. He was sentenced to life in prison.

"When you get life, you'd think that meant for life, considering how bad it was. And he had no remorse when he did it. He stood there and laughed," Tise said.

However, the law at the time of Crews' sentencing gave him the possibility of parole.

Tise received a letter from the state Parole Commission, letting her know of a hearing in April.

"It's unfair that he took a life and he's still here. He's made statements like, 'I'm going to miss another Christmas.' Well at least he's got a Christmas somewhere. He can go on with his life. My husband, it's over with for him," Tise explained.

Tanya plans to testify before the parole board.

"I just don't think he's ready to come out yet," she said.

She prays they'll listen. But regardless of the outcome, she takes comfort in knowing she'll see her husband again in heaven.

"Whatever form we're in. Or however that's going to be. He better remember me," Tise said with a smile.

Tise goes before the parole board in mid-April. She's written letters for the board explaining what happened and why she believes Crews belongs behind bars.

She's asking anyone who knew her husband, or who was simply touched by her story, to print off a copy of the letter, sign it and send it to the board to show support.