At least two women have reported that a man driving a white Dodge Charger pulled them over in St. Francis County since Oct. 1 and told them he "wanted to make sure they were safe" because "someone was pulling over females."

The victims describe the man as an approximately 6-feet-2-inches tall hispanic man driving an older model white Dodge Charger with blue lights in the grill. They said he was wearing a shirt that said "ST FRANCIS COUNTY OFFICER" and one that said "ST FRANCIS COUNTY UNDERCOVER OFFICER” across the chest.

The St Francis County Sheriff’s Department is asking any individual with information on the possible identity of the suspect to please contact them immediately at 870-633-2611. They are also asking that anyone stopped in the area by any unmarked vehicle to call 911 to verify it is an officer making the stop, and also to record the stop using a cell phone.