It's a waiting game for those hoping to get into the medical marijuana business, as the Medical Marijuana Commission is busy grading the hundreds of applications.

This business could impact those hopeful business owners and patients, but the general public will be affected by this drug, too. The commission has made an effort to make it a positive effect.

It wasn't cheap to turn in those stacks and stacks of papers that make up an application to grow or sell marijuana in Arkansas.

“Just based on the application fees alone the state will make $1.7 million," said Alex Gray, attorney for Arkansas Medical Marijuana Association. “You throw in the printing companies, the hotels, the restaurants, where people already came in and met with accountants or lawyers."

Gray explains there’s an even bigger impact that that though with a bonus section on the applications for "community benefit."

“The entire system has been set up to make sure it benefits Arkansans," Gray said.

The commission will award an extra 2.5 points to applicants for substance abuse plans, plans for compassionate care, medical marijuana research, education, and plans for patient and public safety.