HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) -- Hot Springs residents are eager to seed their money into medical marijuana licenses.

“There's people that are friends of ours and family members of mine that are actually interested,” said Hot Springs resident Ed Lemerise, “and I myself might be interested. I think medical marijuana has wonderful uses, and why would it not help the city of Hot Springs?”

Despite the readiness from the community, the city has put a 180 day moratorium on licensing and business dealing with medical marijuana after an influx of interest from community members.

“There's a definite bit of interest in the Garland County area,” said Assistant City Clerk Lane Spicer. Mr. Spicer said that their office averages around two to three call a day about the plant. He said there's a timing issue, as they’re waiting for the state alcohol beverage control to finish finalizing proposed rules before people start purchasing licenses.


“What we needed to do was wait until we had those rules at the state level to that would essentially allow us the rules of the road and how to operate at the city level,” explained Mr. Spicer. He said he feels the city is ready for medical marijuana and the financial boost that will come with it.

“There is a good bit of sales tax revenue that does come down from medical marijuana that could possibly provide an economic benefit.”

The State of Arkansas will start accepting applications to grow and sell medical marijuana on July 1.