LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Little Rock returned to the weekend nightlife, one week after someone opened fire inside a crowded nightclub. Security was on many minds as other hot spots opened Friday night.

Midtown Billiards burned down September 2016, but now they're back. They opened Friday afternoon at 3. With Midtown Billiards opening almost a week after the Power Ultra Lounge shootout, they said they're adding extra security. Owner of Midtown Billiards, Maggie Hinson, said she added two security guards inside, an armed police officer outside, and security cameras to catch anything that might happen.

“I have a door Nazi at the door and he knows that if someone comes in or wants to come in and they're not quite right, they're told to go home and come back another day,” said Hinson. “Of course we have security cameras and security lights that go off and we also have cameras that are on the parking lot across the street.”

Hinson said she hopes the Power Ultra Lounge incident doesn't hurt other businesses.

“I hope it doesn't spill over the other crowd and bars because there's a lot of bars that truly do try to operate properly,” Hinson stated.

She said unlike the act that appeared at Power that night, she doesn't promote violence.

“I feel like some of the other clubs may, but we don't promote that at all,” she said.

Greg Pumphrey is a long time customer to Midtown Billiards. He said he's concerned but not scared.

“Added security is perfect, but don't punish the one's that aren't perfect. That was an isolated incident at Power and it was horrible, but it's not indicative of every club in Arkansas,” he said.

The ABC said they’ll be stepping up patrols now and in the future.

“We began a planning a response to this tragedy immediately following the shooting at the Power Ultra Lounge. It will not be a one night or one weekend response but a long range plan executed over the next several months. I can’t comment on the specifics but can assure you that if you are an ABC permitted outlet and you are committed to operating outside of the law and outside the rules and regulations of ABC you will be impacted by it.”