Drill sergeants are being brought back to AIT (Advanced Individual Training).

ArmyTimes reported as of Nov. 17, the Army has decided to bring them back.

The decision is a part of a review at CIMT of the Army’s basic training program of instruction started last summer by new commander Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost.

With exception of one-station-unit, soldiers are met with AIT platoon sergeants when they arrive to training.

The Army replaced drill sergeants with AIT platoon sergeants in 2007.

In an interview with Military.com, Frost said they are looking at making the AIT platoon sergeants into drill sergeants.

The move is to increase discipline among new soldiers heading to their first unit, according to the report.

Frost told Military.com unit commanders in the operational force want to see discipline in new soldiers above all else.

Jeffrey Pray, a spokesman for the Center for Initial Military Training told ArmyTimes they expect drill sergeants to start transitioning to AIT in 2018.