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Police still looking for Conway teen after two weeks missing

Tuesday marks two weeks since a Conway teenager walked away from her school— and vanished. Though her parents haven't given up hope and are still looking to find her

CONWAY, Arkansas — Tuesday marks two weeks since a Conway teenager walked away from her school and vanished.

Tanvi Marupally's parents have been searching frantically to find her. 

They describe her as being sweet, brilliant, and hard-working— they also explained that she'd help anyone in need.

Lately, things had been stressful for Tanvi and her family. They shared that may have to move back to India,  which is something Tanvi didn't want to do

"I came back and said, maybe there's a different thing that may not be in our control that could just happen. She didn't feel happy with that decision at all," said Pavan Marupally, Tanvi's father.

On the morning of Tuesday, January 17, Tanvi woke up to go to school. 

Her parents noticed she was wearing several layers of clothing and insisted that she had to take a test that day. She left on the bus to Conway Junior High School.

When the bus returned home— Tanvi wasn't on it. 

"They said she didn't get on the bus. She just walked away," said Sridevi Eadara, Tanvi's mother.

The next day, police told the family that the school cameras showed Tanvi walking on Davis Street past the buses. That was the last time they saw her.

Police and community members are continuing to search for Tanvi, but so far no luck.

Her parents plead for Tanvi to come home safe and sound.

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