WHITE COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - A bomb was found and detonated on a rural White County bridge, but answers to who put it there, why and what they're doing to prevent it from happening again are hard to find.

A press release was sent out the morning of Oct. 10.

It reads: “On Monday, October 9, 2017 around 10:37AM the White County 911 Center received a call of a suspicious device located on the bridge of Conway Road. White County Sheriff’s Deputies responded and located a possible IED. The Sheriff’s Office aired on the side of caution and contacted the Arkansas State Police Bomb Squad. ASP determined that the object was an IED (Improvised Explosive Device). ASP disabled the device safely and took possession of the evidence. This is an ongoing investigation at this time.”

The Sheriff's Office declined to share any updates.

"I left out of here about 11:30, and they had the road blocked down there. So I pulled down there and asked the cop what was going on. He said 'well, there's some kind of cylinder laying in the middle of the bridge. He wouldn't say what, but just told us 'y'all have to go back to your pit,’" Patrick Quinn said.

He works at the recycling center on Conway Road, about a block from the bridge.

"I took out my binoculars and watched them," Quinn said. "They took their little robots out and everything. They had to wait on the bomb squad, I guess it was, and then come down with their little robots and messed with it. I guess they just stuck a little piece of dynamite or C4 on it, and just poofed it. That was about it, really."

The people that live and work in this area say police had traffic backed up all the way to the top of that hill for about four hours Monday. The only evidence of the occurrence is a black mark on the bridge where neighbors said the bomb was detonated.

Quinn heard on Facebook the IED had gunpowder inside, other neighbors said they heard other descriptions, but none of that came from the police, who Quinn said, haven’t offered them any explanation.

"There ain't no cops been by here,” he said, adding he thinks it's kind of weird that no one has heard from the Sheriff's Office about the ordeal.

"The only time we talked to the cop is when we went down to him and he had the road blocked, and told us to go back up there to where we worked at because we couldn't get out," Quinn said.

At least a half dozen people along Conway Road said they weren't too worried it will happen again.

No word from law enforcement if they have any suspects or motives in the case.