LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – New software at the Little Rock Police Department will now help officers forecast crime in the city.

"You know you can't be everywhere all the time, but with this Predictive Policing Software, it gives the officer a heads up as to what may occur," said Sgt. Cassandra Davis, LRPD Public Information Officer. "It lets that officer know, hey this particular area is maybe an area you wanna look at or take a special note of or interest in."

With the software, officers will be able to tell where certain crimes are more likely to happen.

"By doing that, they can assign officers to that particular area," Davis said. "It gives officers a fortune teller."

Officers can perform the search from their vehicles or take a hard copy out on the road. Davis said it's easy to search by neighborhood, shift and type of crime. At the end of a search, the location of previous crimes is displayed on a map and each one has a detailed report.

"The hope is that with the visibility of the officer there, it will decrease the visibility of crimes," Davis said.

Over the last year in Northwest Little Rock, rates of residential burglaries and stolen vehicles have gone down, and Davis hopes implementing the software across the department will keep those numbers declining.

"We have recognized that with the use of that software there has been a reduction in crime but it's a little too early to tell, there may or may not be a relationship between them," she said.

The department been using the software since August. After six months, Davis hopes to have a clearer idea if it's working to reduce crime rates.