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Here are 5 tips to keep your New Year's fitness resolution

Some of the most important things include being consistent, tracking your goals, and doing both cardio and weightlifting.

ATLANTA — Metro Atlanta will ring in the New Year, and for many of us, that means resolutions. One of the most popular goals is losing weight or gaining muscle.

A personal trainer has five main tips for your fitness success in 2023.

A New Year means new aspirations, and for many Americans, the top goal is getting into shape.

“One, be consistent, and two, also have a plan. A lot of times people work out have no structure, no guidance, and they’re just in there freely. Log your workouts. Log your measurements," Adrian Robinson said.

LA Fitness Decatur personal training director Adrian Robinson said the third tip is don’t just do cardio.

Lift weights because it’ll increase your metabolism.

“That’s pretty much comparable to working 30 hours a week and getting paid 10," Robinson said. "You’d be upset, right? It’s not targeting to full-fat cells as we should be.”

The fourth tip is to eat a little a lot. Good nutrition includes lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.

“The misconception a lot of people have is just eat less, like one meal a day. You still want to eat your three meals and about two snacks or so a day," Robinson said. 

And finally, be patient. Robinson said it takes about 90 days to see results.

“It takes four years to get a degree at minimum. It takes time for that weight to come off as well. It’s going to take time for that muscle to come on," Robinson said. "A little tidbit is it takes 4-6 weeks to put on a pound of muscle.”

Robinson said to make sure you’re still at the gym several months into 2023 to keep your goals and health on the right track.

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