NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- North Little Rock's Glenview community is celebrating a new addition to the neighborhood.

A two-story ministry center dedicated to building up children and youth was opened Sunday. New Hope Baptist Church is expanding their efforts with the House of Hope. It's a 25,000 square foot facility that features a food pantry and plenty of space for the community.

“The space is needed, we are growing. We're just excited about what God is doing here in the life of New Hope,” said member Tiffanie Bowden.

She’s attended the church for over 18 years. It’s new and purposeful beginning for everyone involved.

“This is the newest structure our community has seen in a long time, along with the Glenview Elementary School,” said Dr. George Parks, Senior Pastor at New Hope Baptist Church.

New Hope is meeting its congregation and community where they are.

“We service our young people. We also service the community through food banks and engagement geared towards Glenview and the entire Central Arkansas area,” Parks added.

He said the House of Hope will offer a safe place for fellowship, recreation, and learning opportunities. The center will also be used for community events and meetings.

“They can trust the faith community and people here who are tied and invested in young people. Especially individuals who look like us,” said Parks.

Members are excited to welcome an addition they think is well over due.

“Everything is bigger now, a lot of the children are older. The education centers and extra rooms, we need all of that,” said Renee Tuckerson, a teacher at the church.

The House of Hope is complete with tech-focused classrooms, a youth worship suite and production stage, and much more.

“I'm a product of Glenview and have seen the growth since New Hope has been a part of the community. Under the leadership of Dr. George Parks, our pastor, it has grown even more,” said Bowden.

New Hope partners with the Arkansas Foodbank to provide meals for students at Glenview Elementary and the new center allows them to make that a year-round project. It'll be rolled into their current summer feeding program with the goal of making sure no child goes hungry when school isn't in session.