NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – North Little Rock city council approved the expansion of 6th Street Monday to allow for businesses to move in.

6th Street currently stops at Main Street in Argenta.

“That property has always been cut off from development. When the mill went away, the streets never went through,” Nathan Hamilton said.

Hamilton, North Little Rock's communications director, said the expansion of the street will connect it to Magnolia. Right now, there’s an empty field between Main and Magnolia.

“This isn’t the first one. We’ve just recently expanded 5th street right next to it,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said the city approved the expansion because new building are about to be built along the street.

“We’ve got buildings going up on either side so we got to make the street go through there,” he said.

Hamilton said the new Argenta Plaza is what is attracting more development in the area. He said First Orion headquarters is building a five story building behind the plaza. A three story building next to that will also house a new restaurant and apartments.

The North Little Rock Visitors Bureau is also building a three-story building just off sixth street.

“Every time we’ve got new businesses coming in it really helps us all out,” Hamilton said.

Chris Kent with the Argenta Downtown Council said expanding sixth street will make it easier for people to connect to different parts of Argenta.

"I think that any access that is making it easier to get from interstate 30 into our downtown area is going to make it easier for everybody,” Kent said. "Cities need to have grids to function properly in their town."

Hamilton said it is unclear how much the project will cost yet. The city is still working on the bids.