A special update to a story we brought you this weekend about a local veteran evicted from his apartment.

John Harrell’s neighbor, Pamela Duncan, set out to help find his two dogs a home but got something sweeter. A home for all three of them.

After seeing Harrell’s story, many viewers started contacting us and wanted to know who they could help.

All eager to help, hundreds of people contacted Duncan and now a couple in North Little Rock have welcomed Harrell and his fur family into their home temporarily.

“How could somebody put a veteran out on the streets?” asked Barbra Proffitt.

She and her husband are answering the call of duty for someone who once did the exact same thing for this country.

"I appreciate Barbra and John for letting me stay here with them,” Harrell said.

Up until Monday, the 75-year-old veteran and his two dogs were homeless. He said because of unfortunate circumstances, he was evicted from the apartment he was living in.

“A lot of people have different kinds of situations come up and everyone deserves help in some way. If you can do anything, that's the thing to do. Do what's right,” said Harrell.

His neighbor, also a vet, went to Facebook for help in finding Boy and Fuzz, Harrell’s pets, a home. They're his only family.

“He feels comfortable and we feel comfortable. He's a very nice man,” Proffitt added.

She said after watching the story, her family wanted to help so they reached out to Duncan.

“She told me I was the first one that she called,” said Proffitt.

They're letting Harrell and his pets stay until he gets back on his feet.

"I got a call from the VA, I'm scheduled to go into a program on Thursday. I'll be in that program 84 days,” he said.

The couple also owns a dog.

“This is Chi Chi, my little fur baby,” said Proffitt.

She plans to take Boy and Fuzz for regular visits once Harrell starts his program at the Veterans Hospital.

"They're good people. They'll take care of them and make sure they have food and everything,” said Harrell.

The veteran feels at peace now knowing his dogs have a safe place to stay together while he's in the program. He hopes to have new housing arranged by the time it’s over.