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Arkansas neighbors use cardboard box to get car out of the snow

A group of people got creative to help a North Little Rock neighbor get a car out of the snow by using a cardboard box that was thrown from an apartment window.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — One North Little Rock man was stuck in the snow on his way to the store during the snow fall when his car got stuck. 

And that's when neighbors worked together to get him out after trying different solutions.

Cory Booker barely drove an inch away from his residence when he had difficulties driving off and turning around to head back. 

"I was trying to run to the store and pick up some last minute things, but I think I'm all in. I feel better. Much better. Stay in if you can," Booker said.

Neighbors did everything from kicking at the snow around his car for 45 minutes to give his tires some traction. 

But they got his car out when one kid got the idea to use a cardboard box for Booker's tires and threw it down out of his apartment window to help. 

Louann Dorrough was just walking her Chihuahua mixed pets when she saw the severity of the snowfall for cars. 

"It is wild. I lived in Wisconsin for two years and we got regular snow like this, but as you know the difference is we had snow plows out in the middle of the night in Wisconsin. In Arkansas I guess they don't have the equipment for snow like this," she said.

The communications director for the city of North Little Rock, Shara Brazear said their street department has been working with the snow plow and salt trucks on the main streets of JFK Boulevard, Camp Robinson and McArthur Drive.

"If they can try to make it to one of the main streets in town, then they would be able to get around I think pretty easily because we're going to try to keep those streets cleared off but if you don't have to get out, don't try," Brazear said. 

She said since the snow keeps coming down the street department will be working around the clock on keeping those roads clear. There are several streets that the city will keep closed this week.