PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - Whoever killed a mother of four in Pulaski County may be closer to being caught.

Cody Burke with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office said several tips have come in since the reward for information was increased. April Harris, 30, was gunned down the morning of January 19 while taking her four kids to school. Three days later we met her family.

"She was the best sister I could have ever asked for," said Amber, the victim’s sister.

It was clear then, this was not your average family.

"I want to pray for you," said Amber. "I want to pray for you, in my soul."

"It's easier to forgive," added Harris’ brother, Dashonn Fleming. "Because the situation is bigger than me."

The family doesn’t know who pulled the trigger but they do know he's forgiven. Maybe it's no surprise then that this family is using this tragedy to make their hometown better.

"It has to stop," said Fleming. "It has to end."

April's family started The One Race Foundation and are asking for help. Its goal is to bring awareness of the damage caused by hatred.

"There is no white, black, Mexican," said Fleming. “We're all one race, and we're all struggling. I'm not going to ask anyone else what they're doing, I'm just going to start with myself and lead by example."

He has led by example. Fleming is a military veteran, whose father was murdered in the streets of Little Rock more than 20 years ago.

"I didn't have a father to teach me how to play basketball," he recalled. "I had to want something better for myself instead of wanting to struggle. I didn't want to struggle and I didn't want that for my children."

Through the foundation, he hopes to raise both morale and money.

"We plan on putting the money back into the community," he said. "Buying books, shoes, give the money back to the kids so they're safe. I'll do all I can to make sure no one has to grow up without a father the way I did."

To learn more or help the One Race Foundation you can visit their website. There’s also a Go-Fund-Me page to help with April's funeral expenses.