NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - THV11 looked into questions about loud noises in the North Little Rock area. One woman said it's happening all night near a construction site along I-40.

Plans to build luxury apartments at the corner of North Hills and I-40 are underway.

The apartments are being built right next to the Foothills Apartment complex. There are crews busy clearing some of the trees, so there's some burning taking place. But, that's not what's keeping one North Little Rock resident up at night. Michelle Esentan is upset about noises coming from the site.

On Facebook, she asked, "Whatever happened to the quiet hours rule in North Little Rock? The new multifamily housing going in by Texas Roadhouse is working 24/7." We contacted City Hall and confirmed there is a noise ordinance in place.

There are also measuring devices to determine if there's a violation of the noise ordinance.

"If we stand outside a place and it registers above 70 decibels in a residential area then they're in violation of the noise ordinance if that happens after 11 p.m. before 7 a.m. the next morning," said Nathan Hamilton, the communications director for North Little Rock.

So, THV11 wanted to find out if this construction site was violating the ordinance, so Hamilton said they went out to investigate.

“We've been out there at night and they're not moving any dirt and they're having some burning going on but what we believe is happening is that the sound is coming from the railroad," he said.

The railroad track is federally regulated therefore, it wouldn't pertain to the city noise ordinance. As for the construction site, Hamilton said if it were in violation, the city would issue a citation. While there haven't been any other complaints, Hamilton said don't hesitate to call if you do have a concern.

“We always encourage people to lodge complaints with the mayor’s office, our report, and repair app, if they are aware of the individual department feel free to call them but we are always available to listen," he added.

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