NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - All throughout November, THV11 has been highlighting unique foods. Foods that are 'Made in Arkansas.' Geek Eats is a company located in North Little Rock that takes a unique twist on traditional hummus recipes.

Ever since the company started 4 years ago, people in Central Arkansas can't seem to get enough of this local, fresh snack.

All the hummus is made in a unique location. You can find Jeremy Rhodes, Geek Eats owner, inside an old Argenta church every Friday morning. He rents out their kitchen every Friday to whip up his signature snack. Starting at 4:30 a.m., he stays there as long as it takes to cook nearly 250 pounds of hummus.

“I stray a little from the traditional hummus by adding different ingredients and different spices people are drawn to,” said Rhodes.

He didn’t start making 250 pounds of hummus per week overnight, it all started with humble beginnings. Rhodes grew up in Arkansas and later lived in Missoula, Montana for 6 years. He said got a degree he didn't want to use so he started working in restaurants instead. In Montana, the hummus scene was largely popular and he wanted to try making it for himself.

“I started bringing hummus to my board game nights and that's how I got notoriety for my hummus,” he said. It was then that the ‘Geek Eats’ concept was born. “I’m geeky about nerd things and I’m geeky about food so it just fit,” he said.

After some encouragement from a friend to start selling in farmers markets, Rhodes headed home to Arkansas to work and sell his hummus part-time.

“A year and a half after coming back, I decided to start making hummus,” he said. “I was working at a restaurant but later quit and made hummus full time.”

Now, Rhodes is the self-proclaimed “hummus guy” in Central Arkansas. He’s the only person selling this type of unique hummus in central Arkansas farmers markets. He’s been able to take the Little Rock farmers market scene by storm. You will see him setting up shop at four different markets in the summer and the Hillcrest farmers market year-round.

“I’ll be there as long as it’s not miserable outside,” he said. Rhodes said the best part of this whole journey has been making relationships with the community. He said his passion is working with his customers.

“You see regulars every week and I love talking to them about their family what they’re doing,” he added. “They get to know my family and what I’m doing and I love that interaction.”

You can also find geek eats at the Arkansas Online Farmers Market and in the Green Corner store and Stratton’s market. He has 16 different flavors he rotates each week.