LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Two young children and their mother are dead, and the Little Rock Police Department wants the community’s help to figure out who killed them and why.

Moriah Cunningham, 24, and her three-year-old son Elijah Fisher and five-year-old daughter Alayah Fisher were found dead Tuesday afternoon at the Rosewood Apartments in southwest Little Rock.

The three bodies were found at 2 p.m. by a relative who was concerned because the children had not been seen at school. Officers spent the next couple hours talking to neighbors and family members to figure out what happened.

“We don’t know these individuals,” Officer Steve Moore explained. “Maybe somebody that lives here does and can give us background. Background is what we want right now, to kind of see, like I said, what’s been going on, who’s supposed to be there, who’s not supposed to be there; is there anything now that’s not here that should be.”

Jeff Williams said he did not know Cunningham, but knew her two children, saying he joined them and other neighborhood children for football games. “We’d play with them every day, you know, the little boy and the little girl,” he mentioned. “They’re just some outstanding kids, you know?”

Last year at this time, Little Rock detectives were investigating the murders of two-year-old Ra’Miya Reed and three-year-old Acen King. Moore said it is tougher on him and his fellow officers when the victims are such young children.

“That, at one time, was very rare,” he claimed, “and in the last year, it seems to have been far too more, happening too [often].”

Cunningham’s car was not in its parking spot, and LRPD asked its followers on social media for help finding it. The department said on Wednesday that the car had been located in the 40 block of Warren Drive. Police did not say if the location of the vehicle provided a connection to a suspect.

Neighbors said they were optimistic and supportive of the police officers working the case.

“I hope they catch him,” Darryl Jonson stated. “I don’t care who it is. They need to come up. Whatever they did, they need to be punished for it.”

But as they watched officers search through the apartment for evidence, Jonson, Williams, and other neighbors prayed that somewhere inside would be answers about why Cunningham and her two children are now dead.

“It really was tragic, what I heard today,” Williams said, “because I knew I hadn’t seen them in a couple of days. And then all this stuff popped off. I just, I ain’t really got the words to say.”

Moore said Tuesday afternoon that the department did not have any information to release about a suspect. He added that, after establishing a timeline with help from neighbors, friends, and relatives, detectives would check to see if the apartment complex’s security cameras showed who was with Cunningham and her two children when they died. The deaths are being investigated as homicides.