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What are Arkansas inmates' rights when it comes to needing medication?

One viewer asked what inmates' rights to medication are in the state.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A THV11 viewer emailed 11 Listens asking, "what rights do inmates have to get needed medication?"

According to the Arkansas Department of Corrections, inmates are given a medical exam at intake. If it is determined the inmate needs prescription medication, all prisons— except work release centers— have infirmaries with doctors and nurses on staff.

Inmates get their prescribed medications at "pill call", which takes place several times a day.

They can also buy certain over-the-counter drugs at the commissary like allergy pills, foot cream, Tylenol and antacids. 

It's important to note, the Department of Correction says they are extremely careful when prescribing any medicine that can be abused or sold. The staff keeps a close eye on all products sold and distributed. 

And if an inmate needs medical care, they can go to the prison hospital. 

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