LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — When it comes to traffic laws, it can be hard to keep up with all of them. Which is why one viewer wondered if police stopping traffic in front of churches is legal.

11 Listens and looks for answers.

We’ve all been there before: stuck behind a line of cars waiting for a patrol officer to give the all-clear.

It’s a scenario that got one viewer thinking.

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Asking to remain anonymous, they wrote in, inquiring if it’s legal for the police to stop traffic on Sundays with blue lights flashing— specifically, at the New Life Church in Cabot.

We took her question to the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Department.

“We always look out for people’s safety,” said Lonoke County Lieutenant Matthew Edwards. 

“That particular area near the New Life Church is a high traffic area and we’re just trying to keep the citizens safe when they’re exiting church and also the travelers on the highway.”

There are several other places of worship in central Arkansas that also turn to local law enforcement to help usher traffic in and out of their parking lots.

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According to the Little Rock Police Department, they too are often requested by churches to alleviate traffic as service lets out. It’s a preventative measure to keep wrecks from happening.

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