The Arkansas River may finally be going down in central Arkansas, but flooding on Lake Conway is still a threat.

"If you've ever flooded before, you're about to flood again,” David Hogue said.

Spokesperson for Faulkner County David Hogue said the Arkansas River is draining into low areas like Lake Conway. Water usually drains from Lake Conway into Palarm Creek and into the river, but since the river is so high, it is flowing backwards back into the lake.

"Where most people have had their flooding in this area, the people around Lake Conway are just now seeing the waters come up,” Hogue said.

Hogue said the lake still may rise another two feet by Friday. The Arkansas Department of Transportation has shut down parts of Highway 89 as a precaution.

"So far, it's been fairly well in the city, but we're going to have some more days especially if the rain comes in, more problems,” Mayflower Mayor Randy Holland said.

Holland said his main concern is public safety and making sure people evacuate their homes in time.

"Just get to higher ground. Just wait this thing out and then wait until the water goes down and let's clean it up,” he said.

Hogue said although Lake Conway has flooded before, this could be the worst it has ever been.

"Take precautions now. Don't wait until the last minute when you can't get out and we need to rescue you,” Hogue said.

If you live near Lake Conway, it is recommended you keep your home sandbagged.

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Here is a list of where you can pick up sandbags in Faulkner County:

Beaverfork Fire Department, 4 Beaverfork Road
Hwy 286 E Fire Station, 268 Hwy 286 East.
Saltillo Fire Station, Adams Lake and Clinton Road
Lawrence Landing Road at Lawrence Landing Circle Boat Launch
Intersection of Palarm Creek Road and Alf Lane
Paradise Landing
Mayflower City Hall, 2 Ashmore Dr.
Lewis Crossing, 1292 E. Dave Ward Drive behind Crain Kia
Shale Pit at Intersection of Foothill Drive and Mountain Air Drive
Old boat dock on Brannon’s Landing
Greenlake Road off Clinton Road near the Shooting Range
The old bait shop at Caney Creek Road and Thomas Lane intersection

Current list of road closures in Faulkner County:

Highway 64 at Cadron Creek
Springfield Road
Hwy 89 between Jerrell Lane and Easterwood
Hwy 365 at Pulaski/Faulkner line
Hwy 89 at the Mayflower Cemetery near Capps Rd to Dawn Drive E
Lollie Road between Donnel Ridge and Easterwood Point Road (not due to high water but closed to onlookers)
Winter Creek Drive
Christy Lane
Charlotte Drive
Springfield Road
Hensley Lane
Burgess Lane
Bayou Road
Highway 25 N
Glover Road
Hwy 60 at Toad Suck Lock & Dam
Woodard Road
Luker Ln/Sand Gap
Jones Road
Easterwood/Hwy 89
James Road
Grassy Lake Road
Shawbridge Road
Easterwood Point Road
Red Oak Drive
Sandy Gap
Faulkner Meadows