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What's the protocol for vandalism on street signs? | 11 Listens

A post on Facebook gained lots of attention and raised lots of questions about street sign vandalism. Who cleans it up?

PULASKI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, Ark. — One post is getting lots of attention on a local neighborhood page. It shows street signs vandalized with what looks to be spray paint.

The poster asks, "What's the protocol? Do we have to clean this up ourselves?"

Our 11 Listens team went to the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office to see what they say can be done in a situation like this.

If you call the sheriff's office about vandalism, they'll send a deputy out to check. But these days, it doesn't even take a phone call. You could just use Facebook!

"A lot of people are letting us know about this stuff on our social media accounts and we appreciate that," said Mitch McCoy with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office. "That's what alerted us to some of the vandalism being reported in northern Pulaski County. And that's ultimately what allowed us to start putting extra deputies in those areas."

The Pulaski County Road and Bridge Department is responsible for cleaning or replacing the signs.

And according to the sheriff's office, so far, no damage has been reported to homes or personal property--just the street signs.

If you ever see something from your neighborhood circulating on social media and you have a question about it, send it our way.

Email us at 11listens@thv11.com or reach out to us through social media.

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