LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Severe weather is upon us and when it strikes, widespread power outages can occur. But once the storm is over, there's often frustration of waiting in the dark for electricity to be restored.

11 Listens got answers about why in some instances, the restoration process can take a long time. When severe weather or natural disasters hit, power outages are sure to follow. And when that happens, Entergy crews are ready to respond once the storm safely passes.

“We have to go out and do damage assessments and determine what equipment is necessary to repair whatever is damaged,” said Michael Considine, Director of Customer Service. Considine said that usually takes some time but the first thing many people want to know is, "When will my electricity be restored and why is it taking so long?"

The answers typically aren't that easy. “Most of the time a vegetation crew is required before we can do work. Typically, when there's high winds or limbs or trees are down that are preventing us to get and do the work to restore the power,” said Considine. And if there are icy conditions or high winds over 25 miles per hour they can't safely put their linemen in the bucket. Considine said when it comes to massive power outages public health and safety customers such as hospitals and fire stations are top priority. Still, there are other factors to consider.

“There are times when we're doing restoration efforts and we will go to a job and we'll find that there's other equipment needed to repair it or we can't get access to the area we need to restore a job,” he added.

And if you ever wonder why your neighbor across the street has their power restored first, there's a reason. “We have that in more cases than not because those are served on different circuits, so we have to go down those circuits and assess what equipment needs to be repaired,” said Considine.

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