It's not football season, but the gridiron was on fire this week.

This week's adoption segment takes us to the stadium where brothers in Arkansas foster care took on the North Little Rock Charging Wildcats.

But what they really want to win is a single yes from an adoptive family.

When 14-year-old Anthony and his 13-year-old brother Johnathon first met the varsity Charging Wildcat football players, they were on their very best behavior.

But once the snaps started, it was outrun, out tackle and touchdown. All. Day. Long.

It was a fun chance for the boys to feel part of something bigger, part of a team.

From working out with rubber tires to planks, what these football players are doing here is letting two boys up for adoption know that someone cares.

Anthony and Johnathan know a lot about tough love—they've been in foster care since 2015. They've navigated some of their toughest years, losing their biological family and now praying for a new one with the ultimate touchdown: one in which they stay together.

"I would never wanna be without him," Johnathon said.

When siblings end up in foster care, often they're the only family they have left. Which is why the Division of Children and Family Services wants to keep them together.

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