Every year, THV11's Dawn Scott partners with the Arkansas Dept. of Human Services to bring you stories of children in foster care. 

We've shared stories on foster parents, the adoption process and countless stories with the children in foster care today. 

However, now we're focusing on something a little different -- reuniting children with their parents and families. The goal when separating a child from their family is not to completely distance them, but to give family a chance to be able to take care of their children in the future.

We're talking to those families who have taken something as damaging as separating a family and turning it into a bright new beginning. 

We decided to highlight these success stories in hopes of inspiring and bringing hope to those in foster care. 

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PTCH mom gets em back

'She was a mom on a mission' | Mother overcomes addiction, works with foster parents to get her kids back

Having your child removed from your home is a traumatic event, not just for them, but for the mother, father and everyone involved. Sometimes, though, it's necessary.

That was the case for a young mom in Searcy. Her addiction to drugs led her down a path that resulted in her losing her kids to the system, and ultimately finding herself.

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Pine Bluff PTCH

Family member adopts 2 relatives after they were addicted to drugs, placed in foster care

In Pine Bluff, two little girls were almost left up for adoption for the same reason, but a selfless relative stepped in to help.

Carolyn Edwards is retired. She lives in Pine Bluff and has an adult son of her own, but a few years into her retirement two bundles of joy showed up on her doorstep begging for her love.

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PTCH Justice Woods

Arkansas supreme court judge stresses importance of reuniting foster children with their family

Right now there are 4,326 children in Arkansas foster care. Why are these children coming into the foster care system?

DHS said primarily neglect and parental substance abuse are to blame, but one of our state supreme court judges is getting involved. For Justice Rhonda Wood, it's now a passion.

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ptch success story

'The joy that they bring to our lives is unmeasurable' | Couple adopts siblings, daughter with special needs

Kieania and her brother Jabriel needed a family -- one that could keep them together, but the odds were stacked against them.

That was until they met Brock and Meagan Waldo. The Waldos had already adopted Isaiah, a baby they'd first fostered.

They also have two biological children of their own. As it turns out, they were actually searching for these two.

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