One year ago, we introduced you to a little girl with special needs and her baby brother, Kieania and Jabriel.

Their adoption was finalized this month, May 2019, and we get a peek into their new home and their new chance at life.

Kieania's foster mom, Deborah Isreal. loved Kieania big and fought fiercely for her well being, fought to keep her alive.

"I want her to have a family that can appreciate where she's going and the fact that she's still here," Isreal said.  

She and her brother Jabriel needed a family -- one that could keep them together, but the odds were stacked against them

That was until they met Brock and Meagan Waldo. The Waldos had already adopted Isaiah, a baby they'd first fostered.

They also have two biological children of their own. As it turns out, they were actually searching for these two.

"I had a cousin with cerebral palsy and I absolutely loved him and that was my passion and so that was what we were wanting, a kid who was least likely to find a home," Meagan Waldo said. "That's what we were looking for, a little girl with special needs and she had a brother and that made it great!"

The Waldos immediately began the adoption process and on May 13 it was finalized.

Her name is now Vashti, which means princess in Hebrew.

"I knew with a girl with special needs I wanted her identity to be something strong," Meagan said.

And her brother's name is now Josiah.

"It means strong, unwavering and that's what we were looking for, someone not shaken by his circumstances but resilient," Meagan said.

And since Vashti and Josiah joined the family there's been nothing but progress. Vashti is now walking, something doctors weren't sure would ever happen.

"It's her, she's strong, she's determined, and she wants to keep up with her brothers and sisters," Brock said.

"The chances of somebody, number one taking her were very slim, but the two of them together?" Meagan said.

Yet they did, taking two babies out of foster care and giving them a place to call home.

"There're kids out there that really need a second chance at life," Brock said, "and who knows where they would be?"

The Waldos say they couldn't do it without the therapists, teachers and everyone in the community who supports them.

"The joy that they bring to our lives is unmeasurable – all of em, all five of em!" Meagan said.